> When we try to execute Demos applications, we get the following statement:

> arabica(bakhti)[128] /home/bakhti
> % java ajanta.server.AgentServer helloserver1
> My URN = URN:ans:arabica.info.uqam.ca/bakhti/helloserver1
> FileAcl: WARNING /home/bakhti/.ajanta/servers/helloserver1/.acl not found
> Error no rmi port found for hostarabica.info.uqam.ca in file
> .ajanta/servers/serverConfig
> Execute startRMI to run rmiregistry and register the port in config file
> arabica(bakhti)[129] /home/bakhti
> Note: About my serverConfig

> arabica(bakhti)[130] /home/bakhti/.ajanta/servers
> % cat serverConfig
> #Please provide your local name registry DNS host name in place of
> #fourier.cs.umn.edu
> nameregURL=//arabica.info.uqam.ca/AjantaNameRegistry
> startup_path=AJANTA_HOME/ajanta_alpha1//ajanta/server/StartUp.class
> serverURL=//arabica:20500

There are couple of corrections in the config file

1. Replace AJANTA_HOME with the full path ....for example if you have stored
all your files in the directory /home/xyz/bakhti/dir1 then you should use
this in place of AJANTA_HOME.
In other word, expand AJANTA_HOME. It suppose to be don by installation script

2. Delete the serverURL entry from the serverConfig file

Execute perl $AJANTA_HOME/ajanta_alpha1/setup/startRmi ....it will start
the rmiRegistry and enter a serverURL entry in the serverConfig file. The
enrty should look like

Else edit it accordingly...this may be due to certain unix commands used
by the perl script.

Before you can start any server you have to start the rmiregistry on any
port and corresponding entry should be in the serverConfig file.
Alternative solution is to start the rmiregistry manually by execcuting
the command

%rmiregistry port

and make corresponing entry in the serverConfig file