Ajanta Programmer's Guide

Table of Contents

1.  Installation

1.1 Introducing Ajanta
1.2 System Requirements
1.3 Download Ajanta
1.4 Setup Ajanta Programming Environment
1.4.1 Policy File Setup for Java 1.4 release version of Ajanta
1.5 Description of the configuration files
1.6 Name-Registry Administration
1.7 Change configuration information
1.8 Running the Demos
1.9 Trouble-shooting
2.  Basic Elements of the Ajanta System

3.   Running a Generic Agent Server

3.1 Server Runtime Environment Setup
3.2 Server URN and Running the Server
3.3 File Access Control List
3.4 Network Access Control List
4. The Generic and Derived AgentServer
4.1 Extending a Generic AgentServer
5. Agent Execution Model
5.1 Agent's Host Environment
5.2 Resource Access Protocol
5.3 Agent Migration
5.4 Agent monitoring and Control
5.5 Exception Handling
6. Creating  and  launching  a Generic Agent
6.1 Agent Credentials
7. Creating  and  launching  an Agent with Itinerary
7.1  Programming with Migration Patterns
7.2  Itinerary
7.3  An Example of ItinAgent
8. Instructions for Running Calendar and File Access Applications
8.1 File Access Application
8.1.1 FAQ and Trouble Shooting for the File Access Application
8.1.2 Help on the File Access Application's GUI
8.2 Calendar Application
 9. How to use the Ajanta Debugger

10. Agent-Agent Communication in Ajanta