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Research Assistantship Positions:


Research Assistantship positions are availble for PhD level graduate students. Funds are also available for supporting participation of undergraduate students under the REU awards. Interested students and applicants to the graduate program at the Univesity of Minnesota should contact Anand Tripathi (tripathi@umn.edu).


Research Group

  • Anand Tripathi, Faculty

  • Rahul Sharma

  • Manu Khandelwal

  • Tanmay Mehta

  • Alexander Cina , REU Participant

  • We-Wei Wu, REU Participant

  • Henry Hoang, REU Participant

Recent Alumni

  • BhagavathiDhass Thirunavukarasu , MS

  • Varun Pandey, MS

  • Charandeep Parisineti, MS

  • Tara Sasank Sunkara, MS

  • Jeremy Tucker, MS

  • Gowtham Rajappan, MS

  • Indrajith Premnath, REU participant

  • Kris Lange, REU participant

Project Alumni


  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Awards: CNS 139333, CNS 0834357  CNS 0411961,  CRI:IAD 0708604,  ITR 0082215,   ANIR 9813703, EIA 9818338

  • This research has been supported by the computing resources provided by Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.


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