Distributed Systems Research

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Recent Alumni

  • Rahul Sharma (MS) (now at Veritas)

  • Manu Khandelwal (MS) (now at Amazon)

  • Tanmay Mehta (MS)  (now at Citrix)

  • Henry Hoang (current graudate student)

  • BhagavathiDhass Thirunavukarasu (MS) (now at Whitepages)

  • Varun Pandey (MS) (now at Microsoft)

  • Charandeep Parisineti (MS) (now at Amazon)

  • Tara Sasank Sunkara (MS)  (now at eBay)

  • Jeremy Tucker (MS)  (OSI Inc)

  • Gowtham Rajappan (MS) (now at Google)

  • Alexander Cina (REU Participant) (nowat OSI Inc.)

  • We-Wei Wu (REU Participant}

  • Indrajith Premnath (REU participant)

  • Kris Lange (REU participant)

  • Anand Thomas (Undergraduate RA)

  • Jessica Zhu (REU Participant)

Project Alumni


  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Awards: CNS 139333, CNS 0834357  CNS 0411961,  CRI:IAD 0708604,  ITR 0082215,   ANIR 9813703, EIA 9818338

  • This research has been supported by the computing resources provided by Minnesota Supercomputing Institute.


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